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Some of the fantastic and life changing programs offered by Shepherds of Independence


RESIDENT ADMISSION - residential programs Grand Rapids MI
At Shepherds of Independence, our staff works hard to meet the needs of its residents from the very beginning of their admission into the facility. At the time of admission, residents are given an on-site medical evaluation from our visiting physician and nurse or are given off-site attention by the physician of their choice.

They are also provided with appropriate referrals for psychological and/or substance abuse services as needed. Shepherds’ staff then assists the residents with transferring their prescriptions to a local pharmacy that accepts Medicare and Medicaid, offers weekly and emergency delivery services, and unit packs the residents’ medication according to dose, time, and date.

In the final stage of admission to the facility, Shepherds’ staff helps the residents establish funding, disability benefits, and guardian or payee services when necessary.


COORDINATED PLAN - residential programs Grand Rapids MI
After proper medical, psychological, and financial assistance is in place, staff reviews the resident’s needs and develops a coordinated plan to assist him or her. The resident’s physical and mental health, along with their required care, is then continually tracked to ensure that his or her needs are being met.

Along with the above stated services, Shepherds meets practical needs such as providing food, medication dispersal, and an around the clock, on-site supervisory staff.


SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE - residential programs Grand Rapids MI
Shepherds dedicates itself to providing rich spiritual and emotional care. To this end, local ministries from a variety of religious backgrounds come to the campus to offer spiritual guidance in a meaningful and personal way for individuals who choose to participate.

Residents have the chance to join in a Bible study two to three times weekly and/or to attend worship services offered by a visiting minister each Sunday.


LIFE SKILLS -  residential programs Grand Rapids MI
Shepherds also offers opportunities to develop daily living and social skills. Residents assist with responsibilities such as dish-washing, cleaning, meal service, and cleanup. They also have access to laundry facilities. Staff encourages residents to participate in these daily living tasks to help foster self-sufficiency.

Residents can also participate in work programs, as well as becoming active in the social opportunities at the facility. Shepherds offers opportunities to join in resident volunteer programs, social activities, and group meetings on a weekly basis.

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