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Providing shelter and care while fostering dignity and Independence


It is Shepherds of Independence’s mission “to provide shelter and care that meets physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs, while fostering dignity and independence in an affordable, warm, home-like atmosphere.”


Shepherds of IndependenceFounded in 2001, Shepherds of Independence provides permanent supportive housing in Grand Rapids, Michigan for 48 mentally and/or physically disabled adults who were homeless or at-risk for becoming homeless.


The residents who live at the facility do not have a limit on the length of their stay; however, most settle nicely into the facility and stay for at least year, until they are able to move in with family members or into a residency of their own.


Shepherds of IndependenceWhen a resident has special needs that cannot be met at our facility, staff will assist in finding that individual more appropriate housing and care.


Because of the socioeconomic displacement in the downtown area, Shepherds of Independence finds that it is increasingly difficult for at-risk adults to find housing and care from traditional sources. The organization has taken in individuals directly from the streets, emergency rooms, and/or emergency shelters upon referrals and also from other agencies upon their closing.


Many of these referred individuals are not ready to live entirely independent of care and are often difficult to place into other facilities due to their disabilities, low-income status, and other limiting factors, such as substance abuse.


Shepherds of Independence is located in Grand Rapids, MI at 1355 Walker Avenue and 1400 Morgan Street. The facility is comprised of two buildings, Villa Lucia and Villa Rose.

  • Villa Rose is a 12 bed residence.
  • Villa Lucia is a 36 bed residence.
  • This location offers resident access to public transportation, shopping, recreation, and community events.
  • Each residence has single-room occupancy and 1 double occupancy rooms, private meeting rooms, and communal areas.
  • Private transportation is also available for group outings and off-site services.

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